You should hire a professional wedding planner

August 21, 2023

Yay! You’re engaged. Now what? After taking the time to soak in this new milestone and tell all of your loved ones, you have a wedding to plan. Wedding planning can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. The first thing everyone will say is to book your venue and lock in your date. Then from there you can go on to hiring photographers, videographers, caterers, florists. All those big, important pieces that you’ll want sooner rather than later. But what if you don’t even know where to begin looking? People will have so many suggestions on who to choose and this flood of opinions can immediately switch the mindset from excited to overwhelmed. You should hire a professional wedding planner.

This is where hiring a professional wedding planner fits in.

They can immediately make your life easier by stepping in to help you select vendors that fit your date, your budget, your taste, and all of the other important factors. By hiring an expert you gain access to your own personal guide who will work with you to simplify the planning process with your best interest front and center. For us personally, hearing the story behind the wedding is our favorite way to build relationships with our clients. Yes, all of the little details matter to bring the big picture together, but if certain traditions don’t matter to you then we don’t have to worry about them. That’s right, you heard us. There are no rules! It is YOUR DAY. 

It isn’t always easy to explain the reasoning behind your choices, but you also don’t have to. As your wedding planner we will advocate on your behalf. When it comes to the big day we will advocate on your behalf and ensure expectations are met. We don’t want you having to defend the wedding you envisioned. We want you relaxing, getting ready with your loved ones, and taking in every second. If you are stressed for any other reason than just plain nerves, we’re not doing our job. Our goal is to center your day around the love you as a couple have created. That’s why we’re there isn’t it? To celebrate a love so strong that you have chosen a lifelong commitment to one another. 

When you look back at your wedding day we want you to remember the happiness that surrounded you.

Not any of the little things that can and will go “wrong.” Because at the end of the day yes you’re throwing a party, but it isn’t about the specifics or what anyone else wants. It’s about your next milestone in life, marriage. So as you start to navigate the world of weddings consider what a wedding planner can provide you with. Cherish the different gatherings surrounding your wedding and feel a peacefulness where the only focus is on engagement. Stay grounded while the event is centered around connection. If that sounds like the type of wedding experience you want to have, you’re ready to hire a wedding planner and we’d be honored to work alongside you.